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The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering 70,560,000 km2 (27,240,000 sq mi) (approximately 20% of the water on the Earth's surface). It is bounded by Asia on the north, on the west by Africa, on the east by Australia, and on the south by the Southern Ocean or, depending on definition, by Antarctica.

The Indian Ocean is named after India. Called the Sindhu Mahasagara or the great sea of the Sindhu by the Ancient Indians, this ocean has been variously called Hindu Ocean, Indic Ocean, etc. in various languages. The Indian Ocean was also known earlier as the Eastern Ocean. The term was still in use during the mid-18th century.

Scientifically, the Indian Ocean remained poorly explored before the International Indian Ocean Expedition in the early 1960s. The Challenger expedition 1872–1876 only reported from south of the polar front. The Valdivia expedition 1898–1899 made deep samples in the Indian Ocean. In the 1930s, the John Murray Expedition mainly studied shallow-water habitats. The Swedish Deep Sea Expedition 1947–1948 also sampled the Indian Ocean on its global tour and the Danish Galathea sampled deep-water fauna from Sri Lanka to South Africa on its second expedition 1950–1952. The Soviet research vessel Vityaz also did research in the Indian Ocean.

Languages Web page titles
Afrikaans Indiese Oseaan
Albanian Oqeani Indian
Amharic ሕንድ ውቅያኖስ
Arabic المحيط الهندي
Bengali ভারত মহাসাগর
Bulgarian بينèéٌêè îêهàي
Burmese အိန္ဒိယသမုဒ္ဒရာ
Chinese 印 度 洋
Czech Indick‎ oceلn
Danish Det Indiske Ocean
Dutch Indische Oceaan
English Indian Ocean
Finnish Intian valtameri
French Océan Indien
German Indischer Ozean
Greek ةينéêüٍ ظêهليüٍ
Hebrew האוקיינוס ההודי
Hindi हिन्द महासागर
Hungarian Indiai-َceلn
Indonesian Samudra Hindia
Irish An tAigéan Indiach
Italian Oceano Indiano
Japanese イ ン ド 洋
Kazakh Үين³ ىұُèٍû
Khmer មហាសមុទ្រឥណ្ឌា
Korean 인도양
Latvian Indijas okeāns
Malay Lautan Hindi
Mongolian في‎ٍُ‎مèéي نàëàé
Nepali हिन्द महासागर
Pashto هندي سمندر
Persian اقیانوس هند
Polish Ocean Indyjski
Portuguese Oceano حndico
Romanian Oceanul Indian
Russian Индийский океан
Slovak Indick‎ oceلn
Somali Badweynta Hindiya
Spanish Océano حndico
Swedish Indiska oceanen
Tagalog Karagatang Indiyano
Thai มหาสมุทรอินเดีย
Turkish Hint Okyanusu
Ukrainian ²ين³éٌüêèé îêهàي
Urdu بحر ہند
Uzbek Hind okeani
Vietnamese Ấn ذộ Dương
Yoruba زkun حndيà

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